Friday, 8 June 2012

Portugal - European Football Championship

The history of the Matraquilhos (table football game) begins and ends in the collective imagination of popular confrontation. In this
universe, we can all be talented football players, score memorable goals or make great saves. The traditional wooden table is reinvented and transformed into a stadium of crowds who live the moment of the goal, the challenge of getting further ahead, the confrontation between long-rivalled teams. For all these reasons, this game, which has since its origins brought together large numbers of supporters and football lovers, was the chosen one, for an issue of stamps, to depict the Portuguese national team and praise its clearance for the European Football Championship which this year takes place in Poland and Ukraine.
In this new concept, the green and red are no longer the colours of two teams playing on opposing sides, but the colours of one team that, represented by the same flag and with the Cross of Christ on the chest, promises to achieve great victories.
CTT – Correios de Portugal joins all the supporters who, hunched over a Matraquilhos table or glued to the television screen, with a scarf around the neck and a hand on the chest, cheer for a remarkable performance by the Portuguese team." in

Emissão / issue
2012 / 06 /04
Selo / stamp
€0,68 – 185 000

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