Sunday, 28 March 2010

Croatia - Christmas Postcard

Thanks to Svetan:
Chrismas postcard sent from Croatia on 25-11-2009.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Portugal - Aqui Há Selo 2010

Aqui Há Selo

In 2009 the competition There Seal Here again challenged the Portuguese to contribute to the topic, and later with the development of graphic motifs, for a new commemorative stamp.

Of the several hundred proposals and carried through to the final vote of thousands of people, the jury selected "Viriato the Lusitanian 'Carlos Santos, the junior class for young people under 17 years and" Abandonment of Animals' Pedro Trindade, the senior class, for participants over 18 years.

2010 / 02 / 22


€ 0,32 – 230 000

€ 0,32 - 230 000

Design: Atelier Acácio Santos / Hélder Soares

llustrations: Carlos Alberto Santos (Viriato, o Lusitano), Pedro Trindade (Abandono de Animais)

Paper: 110g / m2


Stamps: 30,6 x 40 mm


Cross of Christ

Printing: offset

Printer: CARTOR

These issue is printed in FSC paper.