Thursday, 23 September 2010

Portugal - Special Sheet Republic Busts

Portugal - Special Sheet Republic Busts:

Technical Information 

Special Sheet with 8 stamps: 5 x €0,32; 2 x €0,68 e €0,80.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Tips for Beginning Stamp Collectors - I

Collecting Stamps can be an hobby for lifetime . It's very fun and educational for all ages and it's very easy to start a collection without a big investment.

Philately is the study of stamps and postal materials and collectors are sometimes called as philatelists.

How to start collecting stamps?
You can start by saving stamps from letters, postcards and packages. There are many beginning collectors that chooses a favorite subject like animals, sports, history, art, transportation, as the theme of their collection.

What kinds of stamps are there?

There are many types of stamps (ex: commemorative, definitive, and special–and formats such as sheets, booklets, or coils). Stamps may be conventional adhesive ("lick-and-stick") or self–adhesive ("no-lick, peel-and-stick").

The Definitive stamps are the most common. Generally less than an inch square, printed in large quantities, and often more than once. Commemorative stamps are larger and more colorful than definitives, are printed in smaller quantities and typically only once. They honor events, people, or subjects of importance to American life and culture. Special stamps–Christmas and Love, Holiday Celebration, international rate, Priority Mail, and Express Mail–usually are on sale for a limited time.