Friday, 31 October 2008

Bulgaria - Sofia 22-11-2007

Thanks to Liliya Nesterova: Cover received from Bulgaria. Sent on 22-11-2007.

United States of America 11-11-2007

Thanks to Asako Homma: Cover received on November 2007 unfortunately without postmarks but with seven stamps.

Turkey Adapazari - 26-11-2007

Thanks to Buket: Cover received from Turkey

Greece - Athens October 2008

Thanks to Sofia Karagkouni: Cover received on October 2008. Unfortunately the postmarks aren't good but the stamps are very beautiful.

Germany - Briefzentrum

Thanks to Susanne Scheiber-Jung

Estonia - Laagri 27-11-2007

Thanks to Kristi Palm: Cover received from Estonia - Laagri. Sent on 27-11-2007


Date of issue: 20th November 2002

Malaysia - 9 November 2007

Thanks to Nurulhuda Kadir: Cover Winnie the Pooh received from Malaysia. Sent on 9-11-2007.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

United States of America - Rochester 28-11-2007

Thanks to Cernohous Family: Winnie the Pooh Cover received from Rochester(USA). Sent on 28 November 2007.

United States of America 19-05-2008

Thanks to Karen Lake: Cover received from USA on 19 May 2008.

Finland - Mikkelí 26-05-2008

Thanks to Líísa Tíusanen: Cover from Mikkelí (Finland)

Ukraine - Kyiv 08-06-2008

Cover received from Ukraine(Kyiv) on 08-06-2008.

Slovenia 26-05-2008

Cover received from Slovenia on 26 May 2008 with two stamp flowers.


Thanks to Anja Lindner

Brasil - Rio de Janeiro Candelária 21-02-2008

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Candelária 21-02-2008 - Thanks to Pedro Pozzato.
Cover received with seven stamps:
1 Zoologico do Brasil - Girafa R$60
1 Zoologico do Brasil - Arara Vermelha Grande R$60
1 Zoologico do Brasil - Leão Africano R$60
4 Costureira R$0,05

Monday, 27 October 2008

Estonia - Tartu - 22-10-2008

Thanks to Trishka
Cover received from Tartu(Estonia) with six beautiful stamps and a label Prioritaire Par Avion. Inside the cover it was the beautiful postcard of a brown bear.

 Definitive issue. Coat of Arms.

Date of issue: 2nd February 2002.

The Siberian Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans).

Date of issue: 27th June 1994
 Tallinn Zoo.

Date of issue: 26th March 1997

Oxeye Daisy.

Date of issue: 17th January 2007.


Date of issue: 15th November 1994

Germany - Altenstadt 24-10-2008

Thanks to Melanie Schelletter.
Cover received from Altenstadt (Germany) with two stamps (flower 25 and Warnemunde 45). The cover shows also a label Luftpost Par Avion Prioritaire.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Brasil - Petrópolis RJ 12-11-2007

Thanks to Aleks de Lima

Cover receive from Petrópolis - Rio de Janeiro Brasil with beautiful stamp (Parque Nacional do Itatiaia R$0,85)

France - Lyon Place de Paris 21-10-2008

Thanks to Thomas Nikoleit - Cover received from Lyon with two beautiful stamps (Josselin - Morbihan 0,55€ and Le Havre - Seine-Maritime 0,55€). Inside the cover received also a beautifull postcard from Vercors - Royans.

Spain - Barcelona 22-10-2008

Thanks to Gabriela Roca