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France - Le Bestiaire d'André Masson

Thanks to Jerome:
Cover sent from France to Odivelas, Portugal on 27 August 2009. Le Bestiaire d'André Masson - Exposition.

Château de la Bâtie d'Urf
0.56€, polychrome
Y&T N°4367
WNS N°FR114.09
Issue date: 06.08.2009
Format: 40 x 30 mm - sheet of 48 stampsPrinting technique: steel-engravingAuthor: Marie-Noëlle GoffinTheme: TourismBuilt the Castle d'Urfe, located on the town of St. Stephen the Molard in the department of the Loire, is best known in literary history for having been the setting for the novel "L'Astrée" , Honore d'Urfe.

Bordeaux - Gironde
0.56€, polychrome
Y&T N°4370
WNS N°FR118.09
Issue date: 06.22.2009

Format: 80 x 26 mm - Sheet of 30 stamps
Author: Peter Albuisson
Theme: Tourism
Place Royale de Bordeaux was inaugurated in 1755 with its two pavilions along the banks: the General Farm and the Bourse du Commerce. It is a monumental exception: the rectangular square, canted, Hotel Farms and the Hotel de la Bourse are constructed on either side of a central pavilion. A 200 m north on the Esplanade des Quinconces, where stood the Chateau Trompette, today is the Monument aux Girondins, a detail of which adorns the sides of a stamp to view the current Square scholarship.

From sticker book La France en Timbres
La France en Timbres
Monde 20g, polychrome
Y&T N°A335
WNS N°FR084.09
Issued the 05.19.2009

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