Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The World's First Christmas Stamp

I don't have this stamp but read an article at Hubpages and for curiosity i want to share it with you:

"The World's First Christmas Stamp was created at Canada on December 7th, 1898. It was designed by William Mulock to show homage to the empire. In his time, Gerhardus Mercator was the most notable geographer and his famous world map of 1569 is what was used for the stamp's background. "WE HOLD A VASTER EMPIRE THAN HAS BEEN", was imprinted along the bottom. This slogan was noting the fact that Britain was the largest empire in the world. Ten million stamps were printed with blue oceans and another ten million had bluey-green oceans. The reason has remained a mystery. Countries that were part of the British Empire were indicated in red. Indeed, the only way to know that it was a Christmas stamp was the reference added after the fiasco with Queen Victoria. At the bottom of the stamp it read: XMAS 1898."

You can read more about it here.

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