Thursday, 30 October 2008

United States of America - Rochester 28-11-2007

Thanks to Cernohous Family: Winnie the Pooh Cover received from Rochester(USA). Sent on 28 November 2007.


Riccardo Amarante said...

Hi my friend,
Thanks!! Nice to meet you.
I added your website in my blog.

Best regards from Italy


Gem from Calgary said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog GemsWorldPostcards and for the link to it on your site. I will do the same. Contact me at with your contact info if you want a postcard from me.

Riccardo Amarante said...

Hi Glen,
sure I like postcards.
I'll send soonest my card.

Best rgds from Italy

Marklaro said...

Hi Riccardo!
I'm not Glenn, I'm Marklaro. :)
Glenn is another friend that visits my blog and left here his comment.
I would be grateful if you send me a postcard and in return I will send you one too. Please tell me your email address.

Best Wishes
Nuno Marques